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All of our vacuum trucks are run by highly experienced, knowledgeable and skillful operators. From the Gabba to your backyard, no job is too big or small. Our unmatched safety record and proven ability to deliver our services to some of the biggest companies in the construction and industrial fields gives you confidence that we will efficiently perform our role as part of your project or job.

30 Years Experience. Unmatched Safety Record.

Exploring and venturing new avenues for progression is essential is today’s world.  With the addition of the relatively advance vacuum excavation technology, daunting tasks have been made convenient. Over the years, application of vacuum excavation technology has taken over other excavation techniques.

A vacuum excavator uses high voltage suction systems to unearth soils and materials during construction projects, investigating a site, or other civil engineering projects. These excavation procedures use air or water jets delivered through an air-spade and water lance respectively. These loosen the soil without requiring hand held apparatuses or heavy equipment. The soil is then extricated from the surface using an air vacuum tube to transport it to the debris tank for backfilling or disposal.

Vacuum digging is firmly establishing as the best practice in the arena of civil engineering, site investigation, research, and remedial work. With this technology, the scope of the construction industry has broadened.

Many sensitive and safety conscious industries such as oil refineries, and industries concerned with chemical production, warehousing, and distribution services prefer using this technology. Especially power distribution facilities and fuel stations entirely depend on vacuum excavation technology these days.

Now, labor-intensive digging can be replaced with this vacuum excavation method. It has not only safeguarded on-site workers by minimizing physical handling of hazardous machinery but also evolved excavation programs.

Excavation by vacuuming is a non-destructive digging technique with which excavation can be done speedily, economically and safely. Inaccessible areas that conventional machinery, trenchers and digging tools could not possibly reach have been successfully excavated with the introduction of this superior vacuuming technology.

Hydro digging is a protected and an efficient procedure for discovering, mining and excavating underground resources such as optic-fiber, power facility, telecommunication services, water & gas, and gutter outlets. The hydro excavation technique uses pressured water to break through the soil while simultaneously vacuuming out the remains onto the onboard collection container.

For hydro excavation, a vacuum source is mandatory and the two choices are a fan system or a displacement blower. A fan moves air in vast amounts, allowing quicker excavations. Moreover, a fan system can be easily controlled and operated. In comparison with the positive displacement blowers, the fan system is also lighter and more economical.

A displacement blower on the contrary moves air at longer distances unlike the fan system. Digging greater depths is possible with positive displacement blowers but at a comparatively slower speed. The fan system is best suited for most hydro excavations.  

Hydro jetting is ideally used for sign, line and pole installation. It controls traffic and congestion in areas where the excavation is done because in case of hydrovac procedures, the machinery can be placed at a distance. Hydro excavation can also be applied in situations where sewer and pipe rehabilitation is required, as it will lower the risk of damaging or puncturing the pipes. Also, repairs require no additional costs and time. Lastly, hydro excavation technique assures accurate excavation for landscaping without disrupting the surrounding soil. It makes sure that the soil remains strong and compact until and after the process has completed.

Water jetting is very beneficial for excavation industries. It is a preferable method of excavation owing to its positive and precise outcomes. Most importantly, hydro jetting techniques deliver improved damage and safety controls. Due to the accurate results, injuries and accidents are reduced. Damage to underground pipelines and cables can also be avoided. As a result, the repairs and maintenance expenses are also eliminated altogether. Excessive repairing would mean more time, inconvenience, high indemnity and liability costs and interrupted facilities. With the hydro excavation procedures not only have these costs been brought under control but also supplemented the profitability of contractors and the reputation of companies that are offering hydro vacuuming service.

Air jetting is an alternate vacuum excavation procedure that uses compressible fluid or gas to prevent buried utilities and assets from being damaged. Many drilling jobs require air jetting to ensure the protection of underground and above the ground resources. Air vacuuming is a cleaner and safer method of digging than water jetting because high-pressured water penetrates and destroy the utilities. With air jetting/excavation, 90 to 99 percent of the holes can be dug with minimal physical exertion. Furthermore, air vacuuming is a faster and an accurate method for digging deep holes as compared with mechanical digging, which is time-consuming and most often damages utilities buried under the ground.

We, at Lee’s offer the most reliable vacuum excavation services in Australia. Our highly safe vacuuming trucks and specialized personnel have made our way to the top amongst the leading companies in the vacuum excavation industry. Thirty years of our unparalleled service has earned us the reputation of being the paramount suction facility in Australia. We offer customer centric delivery services, without any delays in service or response time.

Our highly trained and skillful operators, with at least seven years of experience on an average in the field of vacuum excavation, potholing and non-destructive digging, run the specialized vacuum excavating trucks. We realize, that untrained operators at the field can result in death as well as material devastation. So to stay committed in delivering the safety culture as we promise, we undertake the following key steps:

  •  Our employees are thoroughly evaluated prior to being hired
  • An extensive tool box discussion is held everyday with our team members
  • We dedicate a team of mechanics that check the machinery on a regular basis.
  • A retraining culture is advocated at Lee’s. Any loopholes in the service are identified and immediately corrected

For Lee’s, there is no job small or too big. We continue to offer safe digging facility despite any obstacles. Some huge civil construction companies have had positive work experience with us. Our efficient and non-destructive digging service should boost your confidence in our abilities.

We are primarily offering vacuum excavation, hydro jetting and underground services. We at Lee’s, run powerful draining cleaning, jet rodding and water excavating equipment. Our nozzles, rodding hoses and pumps are regularly cleaned to make sure that we maintain the stringent quality and safety standards. For our drain cleaning or in other words rodding service, our workers have an average combined experience of at least five years for each employee.  

Lee’s has unearthed assets with guaranteed success over the span of thirty years. With our Radar Sonar locators that can penetrate the ground, even the minutest chance of error has been eliminated. This top of the line technology is an underground locating service that goes as deep as 10m under the surface level. It also has the pinpoint accuracy of 30 cm sq. thereby ensuring the least amount of digging is being done.

We can dig underground for cracked pipelines, water leaks, fiber-optic, Ethernet and cables, gas and water mains and for any metallic materials. Our state of the art sonar technology is inaudible to human ear and caused no distress to human ear. With mining locations marked, our technicians make sure that no damage is being inflicted upon wildlife, and the environment is protected in all ways.

The three kinds of trucks we use are:

1. Ultimate Combo trucks those are ideal for digging through thick mud, rocks and sand.

2. Super Sucker Combo trucks are high suction trucks that can handle multiple jobs simultaneously

3. Height Restricted trucks are used for underground digging and offer the excellent suction pumps.

For further information, visit us on our website or contact our customer service department to book the service.

Whether in the trenches (literally) or above the ground searching for any underground service (perhaps buried treasure one day :), our expert underground service locating staff are guaranteed have years of experience with actual feedback comments from our customers such as:

“Mark did a really good job, would recommend him”

“We were very surprised how quickly Wade was able to locate the pipe leak and how knowledgeable he was”

“Thanks Marlene for dispatching your guys so quickly, we had guys waiting around and you helped cut our losses through your quick locating technicians”.

Our virtuoso staff are the biggest asset to our company and to you, with over 5 years combined average experience among our service locating staff.

Finders of the Needle In the Haystack

Modern technology can be very useful, particularly in the hands of a skilled technician.  Our Ground Penetrating Radar sonar locators are the top of the line as of 2015.  Our underground service locating equipment penetrates via sonar to a depth of 10m and has pinpoint accuracy to a region of 30cm2, ensuring you (or we) are digging as little as possible.  Combine our underground service locating with vacuum excavation and we take care of the end-to-end workflow for you, all from the one company.

To give you an indication of time-frames, depending on the complexity of job, most underground location service domestic jobs are completed within 1 hour and commercial/industrial jobs within 3 hours.  

We are able to underground locate the following items:

1. Cracked pipes & water leaks

2. Telstra Copper & Optic Fiber cables.

3. Ethernet & data cables.

4. Electrical cables

5. Gas mains.

6. Any metallic object.

Above Ground Dolphins

We call our techs our beloved dolphins.  Avoiding danger, the dolphin uses similar sonar technology to us to keep themselves safe from predators and find their meal for the day.  

Our underground service locating practices are completely safe and inaudible to the human ear.  You will see our technicians placing markers on the ground at various intervals to mark where the services are likely to be found with no disturbance to wildlife, the environment or to any bystanders.  

Our friendly staff look forward to providing our safe, efficient underground service locating services to your home or project soon :).

Benefits of using vacuum excavation methods over the conventional digging methods

  • Connector.Connector.

    First and foremost is that the use of vacuum digging can complete tasks without any physical handling. Hence, improving safety conditions for on-site workers. The entire digging procedure has been revolutionized with speedier excavation in comparison with mechanical excavation.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Secondly, surface damage, fatigue, risk of injury has mitigated, as the labor-intensive work has been taken over by state-of-the art machinery.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Thirdly, digging areas that were not accessible with the traditional machinery and hand-tools has now been made possible with vacuum excavation techniques.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Fourthly, the debris is cleared off the surrounding roads as the spoils are immediately removed with this advanced digging technique. Therefore, reducing any inconvenience to general public in conducting surface activities and managing traffic.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Lastly, once the digging is finished, reinstating or repairing the surface does not cost much.

Situations under which vacuum excavation is applicable are:

  • Connector.Connector.

    Trial diggings for infrastructure identification on the surface. These trial pits include cables, water mains, gas pipelines, drainage etc.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Digging around service pipework for repair and maintenance of service lines such as fiber optic cables, water, electricity and gas pipelines.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Mining around trees and shrubs so that their roots do not get damaged.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Digging contracted holes for installation of streetlights, fencing, road signs etc.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Trial mining around erected buildings for investigation and repair purposes.

  • Connector.Connector.

    While installing new underground services.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Removing railway ballast to facilitate access to the underlying soils.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Cleaning meter faucets.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Archaeological excavation is undertaken conveniently and mitigates the risk of damage to precious archeological assets.

Super Suction Powerful Trucks to Handle ANY environment.

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