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“The Experts in Vacuum Excavation”

All of our vacuum trucks are run by highly experienced, knowledgeable and skillful operators. From the Gabba to your backyard, no job is too big or small. Our unmatched safety record and proven ability to deliver our services to some of the biggest companies in the construction and industrial fields gives you confidence that we will efficiently perform our role as part of your project or job.

Commercial Services

Vacuum Excavation

Lee’s Environmental has a fleet of four vacuum excavation / potholing vehicles ready to be of service to you.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Lee’s Environmental provides cleaning (eg. Pumping, pumpout, removal, emptying) of grease traps.

Drain Cleaning

Lee’s Environmental recognises the need to provide high-powered water jetting equipment, particularly for commercial work. We have a fleet of three water jetting and liquid waste pumping combo vehicles which are mine specified with diesel motors to handle working underground without causing contamination.

Oily Water Pumpouts

Whatever your needs for oily water removal, from oily water removal at an auto shop, or large scale oily water removal from multiple ships, Lee’s Environmental are able to remove this waste for you at a cost effective price at your convenience.

Underground Service Locating

Lee’s Environmental provides highly experienced and trained staff to assist you and your household in locating underground services prior to digging, or in conjunction with our drain cleaning / jet rodding and high pressure water cleaning services.

Repairs and Maintenance

In addition to providing actual services for grease traps, greywater sullage holding tanks and septic tanks, Lee’s Environmental is also able to provide repair and maintenance services to these items.

Other Liquid Waste Removal

Removal of ALL Non-Hazmat and Non Dangerous Goods Liquid Wastes

Septic Tank Cleaning

Lee’s Environmental septic tank cleaning provides cleaning / pumping / pumpout of septic tanks.

Greywater Tank Cleaning

Lee’s Environmental offers free reminder calls to let you know when your greywater sullage holding tank is due for pumpout.

Rainwater Tank Cleaning

Lee’s Environmental provides a professional clean of your rainwater tank, removing all water from the tank, cleaning all grime and grit off all inner surfaces of your tank using very high pressure water blasters, sanitising the tank with chlorine/water solutions then removing all remaining chemical residues.

Wastewater Treatment System Servicing

Lee’s Environmental provides servicing and pumping out options for Wastewater Treatment Systems.

Portable Toilet Cleaning

Lee’s Liquid Waste Services specialises in pumping out portaloos.

Potable Drinking Water Delivery

Lee’s Environmental vehicles come in sizes of 12,000L and 30,000L however we can supply any quantities from 2,000L to 2,000,000 litres. Each of our vehicles carry 50m of fire hose as standard so we are able to park at a reasonable distance from your filling receptacle, and we are able to bring more hose if required.

Spare Parts

Lee’s Environmental stocks all spare parts for grease traps, septic tanks, greywater sullage holding tanks and all other types of waste holding containers.

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